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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The Official Man Cave Hall of Fame selectees are chosen based on their overall activity and support of and their contributions to the advancement of the Man Cave way of life.

Members are constantly being evaluated for selection into the Man Cave Site Hall of Fame.

Allen and Chris Dowty

Allen and Chris Dowty - Allen and Chris are the owners of Little E Motorsports and have carried the sponsorship on their series of race cars. Besides the obvious exposure for the website, Allen and Chris have continued to spread the word of the website and all about Man Caves.

Marty Peterson

Marty Peterson - Although Marty didn’t create the first Man Cave, he did create the Man Cave that gave me the inspiration to create this website. You can find his story in The Man Cave Book.

Mike Groom

Michael Groom - Member Mike Groom was there from the beginning of this website. His ideas and suggestions have become a big part of this websites success.

Robert Butterfield

Robert Butterfield - Robert has had one of the most publicized Man Caves. His work has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers world wide. His support and ideas have contributed greatly to this site.

Richard "RC" Cavaletto

Richard “RC” Cavaletto - RC was one of our first members. His activity on the website and continuous suggestions to improve the site can’t be overstated.

Tim "The Mayor" Repass

Tim “The Mayor” Repass - Tim created one of the first Man Cave websites, even before the term became part of the main stream media. Tim was a tremendous inspiration to me and gave me the courage to continue with this website.

Manland North

Manland North - The creator (who requests to remain anonymous) has been a huge supporter of It’s been a pleasure to see his own website flourish.

Jim Meehan

Jim Meehan - Jim’s unique Man Cave (Meehan Park) has been featured in The Man Cave Book and other publications around the country. His notoriety has assisted spreading the term Man Cave to new hights.

Cassie Gannis

Cassie Gannis - NASCAR driver Cassie Gannis has carried the sponsorship through the ranks as her carrier continues to grow. With her success, she has taken the Man Cave Site logo to media outlets and venues that is invaluable.