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Official Man Cave Merchandise makes a great gift for you and your cave dwellers!

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2014 Man Cave Calendar

2014 Man Cave of the Year Calendar

Get the 2014 Man Cave Calendar featuring the winners from this year's "Man Cave of the Year 2013" contest. Each month features a contest winner or finalist in bold color. Great for your office, Man Cave or anywhere in the house.

Special: Only $9.95 + FREE Shipping

These calendars are LIMITED, so order yours today!



Zombie-Opoly Game




The living dead, the undead – whatever you call them – they scare the pants off us! There’s just something unnerving about lumbering corpses that continue to attack after having limbs severed! And do they really want to eat our flesh and BRAINS!


Zombie-opoly allows players to buy favorite zombies and increase the rent by buying Boxes of Flesh and trading them in for a Screaming Human. It’s all fun and games until someone gets sent to BURIED and is under ground and clawing their way to the surface for three turns! Choose your token and shamble to RRrrrrrr! You may soon be re-animated…or you may just be blood spewed and bitten.

Whatever happens, this is a game where the fun never dies!

Traditional play or one-hour version

For 2-6 Undead

Ages 8 and up

Gift Box

Value Box

Gift Box


The Man Cave Gift Box comes complete with the following items:

1 - 25oz Beer Mug

2 - Shot Glasses

1 - Man Cave Patch

1 - Man Cave T-Shirt

1 - Coffee Cup

2 - Man Cave Ink Pens

Shirt Size: M,L,XL,XXL

Shirt Size

The Man Cave Book - Autographed

The Man Cave Book

The Man Cave Book - Autographed


The Man Cave Book is a tribute to great and glorious man spaces and the craftsmen behind them. Complete with instructions and insights into creating your own unique refuge and shrine to beer, sports, and everything else that's right with the world, this is an essential manual for any man cave enthusiast. The book is autographed by co-author Mike Yost!

Man Cave Membership


Man Cave Membership


This is a one-time fee and helps support the overall operating costs of the website. For only $15.00 you are eligible for the following benefits:

Eligible to receive the "Traveling Cave Dweller"

Listed as an Official Man Cave Member

Receive the Official Man Cave Membership Certificate (Which we are sure you will display proudly in your Man Cave)


Brew-Opoly Game



Here's a game for people who like to drink beer! Are you a pilsner person, a lager lover, a brown ale girl, a stout fellow, or is wheat your treat? Whatever your pleasure, from Alpha King Pale Ale to Zonker Stout, our nation's award winning microbreweries produce the suds that will tickle your taste buds. In Brew-Opoly, buy or trade your favorite beers and increase property value by purchasing Brewpubs and Microbreweries for your monopolies. Sounds easy enough until you have to put on your beer goggles and kiss your neighbor or stand and sing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall!" So choose your token and advance to Cheers! Who knows! You might be collecting money from every player for a beer run...or you may be chosen 'Beer Drinker of the Month!' For 2 to 6 adult players.

Bottle Cap Caddie

Bottle Cap Caddie

Bottle Cap Caddie


The Bottle Cap Caddy is made from sturdy metal with a rubber The Bottle Cap Caddy is made from sturdy metal with a rubber cap holder. Rubber holder easily removes to empty caps.

Weather Resistant and Strong, Stainless Steel "Opener and Dishwasher-safe EPDM Rubber "Holder".

Don't litter; bottle caps fall and stay in "Holder" until you are ready to remove and empty responsibly.

Mounts almost anywhere; Cooler, Boat, RV, Tackle Box, Deck, Bar, Refrigerator, Grill, Hot Tub...

Can't loose it; once you mount it you won't have to go looking for, or worry about remembering to bring an opener.


Man Cave Patch

Man Cave Patch

Man Cave Patch


Each patch is 3"x 3"