Anthony Schmidt Photography

We’d like to introduce you to Anthony Schmidt. This young man is only 14 years old and has mastered the art of forced perspective photography. What is Force Perspective Photography you ask? Forced perspective photography is a creative technique which uses optical illusion to make objects appear smaller, larger, closer to the camera, or further away from the camera. Anthony’s objects of choice are everything automobiles. He uses car models with a combination of dioramas and real backgrounds to make breathtaking photos you must see to believe. Because of this, he has a huge following on multiple social media platforms and the internet. Anthony is autistic, but as Anthony says, “Autism isn’t a disability, it’s a DIFFERENT ability.” This young man is truly inspirational!

We had a chance to ask Anthony some questions to shed some insight to his unique talents.


CHUGG: You obviously have a tremendous talent for forced perspective photography! When did it all start for you?

ANTHONY: It started at age six, I took a photo of my car outside with an old iphone and was amazed at how real it looked.

CHUGG: At 14 years old, do you see yourself still doing photography in the future?

ANTHONY: I just turned 15 and I hope to continue taking photos as long as people are interested, I also plan to learn how to fix cars up and I want to own a large collection of real cars some day too.

CHUGG: Is it true you know the make, model, and year of every model car you have?

ANTHONY: I’ve known just about every make and model of car since I was 3 years old.

CHUGG: Do you know the estimated number of how many automobiles models you have in your collection?

ANTHONY: I have over 3500

CHUGG: How often do you do a photo shoot?

ANTHONY: I take photos every single day without fail.

CHUGG: How long does it take you to prepare and get the perfect picture?

ANTHONY: It depends most days it’s about an hour long photoshoot but some of the bigger shoots that involve travel take up to 3 hours plus travel time.

CHUGG: Do you have a favorite car/truck you like using more than others?

ANTHONY: I have no favorites.

CHUGG: With so many automobiles to choose from, how do you decide which ones to use for a photo shoot?

ANTHONY: I always photograph a new one before it goes in my collection, other times we plan ahead a location and take cars with us that match the theme.

CHUGG: Is it true you use your own car in some of your pictures?

ANTHONY: Yes in my 2023 calendar you will see my real Studebaker in the background with a model car in the foreground.

CHUGG: What kind of car do you own?

ANTHONY: I own a 1957 Ford Custom 300 that was gifted to me at age 12 by an admirer of my photography, and a 1959 Studebaker I purchased last year with my earnings from my Calendar Sales. I also just was given a 1976 GMC motor home that is in need of major restoration.

CHUGG: Some of your pictures use dioramas, do you create them?

ANTHONY: I make all the roads and platforms but the miniature buildings I buy from 3 different miniaturists. Phillip Crews, Andy Roderick and Wetwork Kustomz

CHUGG: If there was someone famous you would like to meet, who would it be and why?

ANTHONY: I’d like to meet Jay leno and tour his collection.


Twitter: @SmallCarsBig

Thanks Anthony for allowing us to share your story!  Cave On!