The Man Cave Bar

In this blog post we are going to talk about the Bars.  Obviously not every Man Cave is going to have a bar.  Some Man Cave’s are just not designed to have drinking or the space to accommodate such an item does not exist.  As with any Man Cave space is the most important commodity.

For those who are looking at having a bar in your Man Cave, the biggest question you will have is “Do you want to build or buy”?  There are pros and cons to both sides of the discussion.  I’ll try to cover some of them here without getting too winded.  Keep in mind that a Bar is the Focal Point to your Man Cave.  Visit our other blog that talks about Focal Points.

BUILD PROS: Some of the obvious ones are the accomplishment of building it yourself.  I built my own bar using plans I found for free online. It gives me a lot of pride to tell people that I built the bar.  It is usually the first thing my wife points out when showing off the Man Cave as well.  There are sites that sell plans and that is your call weather to buy plans or not.  The other PRO is you can add your own style to the bar.  This is by far the most enjoyable part of building.  Originally after I built my bar I embedded fake paper money from the 1800’s into the top of my bar.  I eventually removed it, but it was fun to try out.  Customizing your bar does two things, makes it unique and makes it your own.  In most instances building is cheaper than buying, but it depends on the size and how elaborate you get.

BUILD CONS: Not everyone has the skills to build things. That is okay.  If everyone could do it we would all be carpenters.  And not the singing group either.  Having a solid plan helps take some of the fear out of doing it yourself. Some folks just don’t have the knack to construct something from scratch and when they do it isn’t very attractive or durable.  Another Con would be building your bar so well it ways a ton and you can’ move it or it becomes very difficult to move.  Man Caves are never finished so moving the bar around is a true possibility.

BUY PROS: You can buy the size and style of bar you like.  There are a lot of varieties and sizes to choose from.  Once you get it home you can enjoy it immediately.  Most factory made bar are very elaborate and look very nice.  Although the details can be replicated on your own, most people just don’t take the time to put that much detail into a bar they build. They are durable and you should get many years of service.

BUY CONS: As you will see when you search the internet or your local home furniture store, pre-made bars are expensive.  You pay for the convenience of having it now.  Most bars average about $1,800 and up.

Obviously it is your call and neither is wrong.  It depends on how much money you want to spend, your skills if you decide to build.  A nice looking bar is a great focal point for any Man Cave and is the centralized gathering spot for conversation and good times.  CAVE ON!