CHUGG had a chance to sit down with Scott and get his views on winning Man Cave of the Year and shed some insight on his Man Cave. Below is the interview and some pictures of his award winning Man Cave!

CHUGG: When did it all start?

SCOTT: I starting collecting autographs in 1973 when got my first one. It was Tom Timmerman of the Tigers that I got at Yankee Stadium. I started the cave the day I moved into my house 6 1/2 years ago.

CHUGG: Does your Man Cave have a Theme? If so, what inspired your theme?

SCOTT: I guess the overall theme is anything autographed from sports and entertainment. The main room is The St. Louis Cardinals room. I am a lifelong Cards fan because of my father. He was also a lifelong fan. It’s my favorite part of the basement.

CHUGG: Did you do all the work yourself or did you have help?

SCOTT: I’ve done everything myself.

CHUGG: If married, what does your wife think of the Man Cave?

SCOTT: My wife is very happy I was finally able to do it after MANY years of planning it in my head. When we moved in, she said I could have the entire basement

CHUGG: What’s your favorite item in your Man Cave?

SCOTT: My favorite item is the autographs of the Dodgers starting lineup for Jackie Robinson’s first game. Can I give you about 20 more?😂😂. I also love that I was able to include my father’s Cardinal jacket as a tribute to him

CHUGG: What’s an average night in you Man Cave consist of?

SCOTT: Honestly, I just like to walk around looking at everything…..and trying to figure out was of creating move space. I also enjoy watching movies in the theatre with my family.

CHUGG: If I walked into your Man Cave today, what’s in my glass?

SCOTT: An old fashioned!

CHUGG: Any plans for the future?

SCOTT: Well, I’m pretty much out of room. I’ve always wanted to get an old turnstile from a stadium and put it at the entrance to the Cardinal’s room.

CHUGG: Any advice for anyone thinking of building a Man Cave?

SCOTT: Fill it with things you love.

CHUGG: What does winning Man Cave of the Year mean to you?

SCOTT: It makes me happy to know others appreciate all that I’ve put into it. My father passed away before we was able to see it, but I know he would be very proud that I won. That means a lot.

CHUGG: Any special plans when the trophy arrives?

SCOTT: If I can find room, ha ha, I’ll make room and display in a prominent spot in the Cardinal room